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Cheek filler

Cheek fillers are one of the most popular treatments at Balenci aesthetics. Depending on the result you are trying to achieve, we are able to place the filler accordingly. whether it is to replace the volume loss in the mid cheek area or add volume onto cheek bones to give the illusion of a more slimmer contoured look we are able to give you a youthful appearance. 

All fillers used at Balenci Aesthetics are Hyaluronic acid based. 


- Bruising

- Swelling

- Redness

These are all symptoms that could occur with this procedure, but will settle within the first two weeks.

How long will it last?

How long the filler will last depends on the individuals lifestyle and metabolism, however it should normally last 6-12 months. Smoking, Sun (sunbeds, tanning), exercising and fat metabolism are all factors that will affect how long the filler lasts. 

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