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Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a procedure that not only enhances your lips but also adds hydration and definition, giving you plumper lips.

All fillers used at Balenci Aesthetics are Hyaluronic acid based. 

How much should I get ?

This Depends on the size of lips and/or previous fillers and personal preference. We usually recommend 1ml for first timers, as this is a good amount to start off with. However, some clients may feel nervous about 1ml and therefore will opt for 0.5ml. 0.5ml will give a very subtle look, but will take longer to reach the desired look and therefore may not be cost efficient. 


- Bruising

- Swelling

-Tender to touch

- Redness

- Stiffness

These are all symptoms that can occur with lip fillers, but should settle within the first two weeks.

How long will it last?

How long the filler will last depends on the individuals lifestyle and metabolism, however it should normally last 6-12 months. Smoking, Sun (sunbeds, tanning), exercising and fat metabolism are all factors that will affect how long the filler lasts. 

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