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Tear trough filler

Tear trough filler will give you an instant freshness and a brighter appearance. The filler will smoothen out and correct the hollowness just under the eyes, resulting is a less tired and aged look. 

Not everyone with hollowness are good candidates for this procedure. if there is fluid build up in this area or the skin 'Sags' you will not be considered for this treatment as the filler will make the area worse. 

Eye Hollows can be due to lack of sleep, ageing, stress or genetics.

All fillers used at Balenci Aesthetics are Hyaluronic acid based. 


- Bruising

- Swelling

- Redness

These are all symptoms that could occur with this procedure, but will settle within the first two weeks.

How long will it last?

How long the filler will last depends on the individuals lifestyle and metabolism, however it should normally last 6-12 months. Smoking, Sun (sunbeds, tanning), exercising and fat metabolism are all factors that will affect how long the filler lasts. 

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